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The 5:45 class is cancelled today due to inclement weather.  If you cannot come in tonight to do the Total you will be able make it up tomorrow morning. 

There is supposed to be a storm coming in tonight and early tomorrow morning so please check here or on Facebook tomorrow before heading in for the 5:45 am class. 

We are going to be doing the CrossFit Total today so instead of doing your normal warmup you should be starting right into your squats to make sure that you are able to complete the entire workout within the hour. 


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  • dameka

    AM Wodmates: Are you planning to do this tonight or makeup tomorrow?

    • Ginny

      I will try tomorrow

      • Ginny

        185 BS/ 100SP PR/ 315 DL = 600 (PR)

        325 DL PR (with a hitch)

  • Ryan

    155 SP
    385 DL
    CF Total: 840 pr

    83lb PR thanks to some good coaching and hard work. You guys rock

  • Mike Z

    I just realized I wrote the wrong back squat weight on the board.
    Actual weights:
    205 BS (PR)
    125 SP
    365 DL (PR)
    CF Total: 695 (PR)

  • Sarah

    220 BS(pr)
    95 SP
    270 DL (pr)
    CF Total: 585 pr

  • Ohio

    325 BS (pr)
    175 SP (pr)
    385 DL (pr)
    CF Total: 885 (first time doing CFT)

  • Johnna

    Back Squat – 185 (5# PR)
    Press – 70 (10# PR)
    Deadlift – 235 (15# PR)
    Total – 490 (30# PR)

  • Loaney

    295 BS (PR)
    130 SP
    385 DL (PR)
    Total 810 (PR)

  • layne

    180 bs. (yuck)
    100 press (pr tie)
    290 dl (pr)
    570 CFT (pr)

    300 dl (w/ a hitch) for my goal board. yay.

    thanks blake, coaches and friends for getting me out of my head after the bs. 🙂

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