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Congratulations to everyone that ran yesterday.  You guys are all amazing athletes and I was really honored that you all wore your shirts and showed everyone downtown today what CFIC is made of. 

We will be honoring Lt. Michael McGreevy today.  McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28 2005.


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  • Cara

    Just wanted to take a second to say thank you! I ran the relay yesterday and didn’t stop once. NOT ONCE. Anyone who has watched me run 200 meters knows that’s mind-blowing. The only training I did is Cross Fit. My lungs and muscles thank you guys =)

  • Jonathan

    41:00ish (don’t remember the exact time). First morning workout of many. Tossed my cookies during the last 800m.

  • Ginny

    Great job Jon! Stick to the three days a week commitment!
    It won’t take long before you see improvements. I am amazed at what 10 weeks has done for me.

    I don’t remember my time… under 40… can someone at the PM WOD let me know whats on the board. Thanks!

  • Blake

    Nice work this morning guys. Jon you finished at 40:24 and Ginny you were at 37:13 Cara that is absolutely awesome. You have been making some amazing progress since you started and being able to run yesterday straight through is a testament to your hard word and dedication.

  • Jess

    19:51 Rx’d – This is still one of my fav WODs!

  • Tim

    23:18 (95 back extension/55 superman when the ghd was crowded)
    second and third round runs way too slow, but felt good to feel like shit again. does that make sense? i guess…

  • Tony Fu

    22:12 rxd (Supermans and GHD)

  • Keef

    18:06 rx’d. did this tomorrow.

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