Our Facility

There are two locations for you to chose when starting with us a CFIC. Our original box is located in McCandless Township the North Hills suburbs of Pittsburgh. We opened in January of 2012 with only 3 coaches and 5 members. We quickly grew in size to over 100 members and are still growing which led us to expand and open our second sister location in November of 2014 in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, The Strip District.

Both of the boxes are well over 3000 square feet and have all of the state of the art equipment you’d find in any CrossFit box around the world. When you walk into either of our locations you won’t see the typical equipment you’d see in your big box gym, there aren’t walls lined with mirrors or rows and rows of treadmills and ellipticals but rather there are weights and machines that mimic functional movements that your body performs almost on a daily basis in everyday life. Our Strip District location has the addition of a shower so members can easily come in and get their WOD in all before they start their work day. We welcome you to stop into either location and take a look around, ask any questions, and get an overall feel for CFIC.