Friday 7/6/12

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July Payments are do ASAP! 

Nice work on the Shankle Complex yesterday.  If you were having some problems with the complex then you need to make sure that you are practicing that in your warmup.  If you are efficient through the middle of your olympic lifts you will be able to move more weight and will be much more efficient.


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  • Keef

    As Blake demonstrates in the picture, it’s best to hold in your fart until you need that extra ‘oomph’ on your muscle up

  • Danielle

    Excited for this!

  • cnolan

    that’s good keef, because I alway have a lot of gas

  • Tim

    14:31 jumping
    Rings in general still a bad struggle

  • Jason

    Golf Outing Info…

    Birdsfoot Golf Club
    225 Furnace Run Road
    Freeport, PA 16229

    Driving Directions

    Travel North on Route 28
    Exit @ Slate Lick (Exit 18) and turn right at the end of the exit ramp
    Travel 1.7 miles, turn right on Furnace Run Road
    Travel 1.2 miles. You will pass a baseball field on your left.
    Take the next left @ 225 Furnace Run Road.
    Arrive at Birdsfoot Golf Club.

    It will take you about 40 mins to get there so plan accordingly. Our tee times are at 2:36, 2:45, 2:54. There is also a practice facility / Range if anyone wants to hit balls before hand. I may have a few extra tokens in my bag. Also if anyone would like a ride up to the course we can meet somewhere and or meet at my house have a beer and then drive up. I will be leaving the West View area (10 min. south on Rt. 19/Perry Highway from the gym) around 1.

  • Blake

    7:22rx’d. Shoulders were smoked

  • blake

    8:21 rx’d

  • Danielle

    11:48 rx’d! Under 10 next time!!! Blake- nice time!! Great work by th 7am crew this morning:)

  • Dan

    9:26 Rx’d. My legs are happy but hands are destroyed.

  • Jared

    7:44 rx. Almost 3 mins faster than last time

  • jwags

    Nice job to all the “muscle uppers” Danielle, very impressive at 7am!! Dan, I second that with the hands. Mine hurt like hell.

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