Friday 7/20/12

 In Workouts

Great work yesterday to all that braved the threat of rain to get their 2 miles in. 

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  • Tim

    3:1 pull up, ring dip, last 25 or so with red band

  • Danielle

    13:46 rx’d. First time doing this one!!

  • Jess

    13:34 – jumping MU’s/rx’d weight (did raise the rings up another two inches or so tho from last time we did MU’s and got a real one after the WOD – my 1 rx’d MU every few months haha =P)

    rested 4 minutes ran 1 mile – 7:47
    rested 2 minutes rowed 1000m – 4:28

  • Jared

    10:56 RX, and I totally had laynes money for shorts and forgot to give it to blake or Jess so that’s my bad I will bring it tom morning, sorry

  • Ryan

    11:27 RX

  • Steve

    17:52, with 5 jumping muscle ups in the last two rounds.

  • Frank

    1356. Last two rounds did the 3:1 pull up ring dip.

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