Friday, 5/17/13

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A.  EMOM x 7:  4 x TnG power snatch (115#/75#)
-rest 5min-
B.  EMOM x 7:  4 x TnG power clean + push jerk (135#/95#)
3 sets @ 95% effort:
200m run
10 x burpees
30 x double unders (60 x singles)
1min rests
TnG means touch and go.  All these reps are meant to be exactly that.  There should be no dropping until you have completed the set.  Also, resting the weight while holding it at your hip for 10 seconds is not touch and go.  We are not trying to test your grip strength with this neither are we testing your over head isometric endurance.  Basically, try to keep the reps moving along the best you can.  That doesn’t mean that if you lose your balance or control or something goes out of whack that you cannot rest somewhere while holding the bar or drop it.  But the general idea here is to keep moving.
For the conditioning part, there is a reason why we prescribe a percent of effort.  So try to keep to this effort the best you can.  If you go all out on each set, you will not be able to keep the same pace.  Your times will show this.   You will only “think” your going 100% every set.  This is learning how to maximize or sustain an effort over a certain time period.  If you’re still not able to keep consistent times with the prescribed effort, then we know where you are lacking in performance.
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