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Roz killing it

Roz killing it

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be closed for the Patriot Games team competition at R.A.W. Training.  Please feel free to come and watch our three teams take on some great local and regional teams.  Admission is free. 

We will be having our free class this weekend on Sunday at 9am instead of Saturday at 9.  After the free class we will still have our regularly scheduled Open Gym from 10-12:30

Watching Roz decide to and then swinging the 1.5 pood bell yesterday during “Helen” was awesome to watch.  This is the same person that came in a few months ago and could barely put the training bar overhead.  Although awesome to see her swing that bell it was not surprising at all.  It seems like everyday Roz is able to do something else and it is great to see her make such great progress.  Keep up the good work!

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  • jwags

    I want to wish all three teams good luck tomorrow. Go get them!!!! I have to say that CFIC has had a huge impact on my life, so I want to thank all of you for everything. Good Luck again!!

  • ryan

    Good luck tomorrow guys. Dig in and tear it up. I know you all will do great and kill it.
    Im heading to CMC out east. Representing CFIC from afar..
    have fun!

    • Stephanie

      Thank you Sam for making the trek both days to come coach us. Also thank you to evyoerne that came down over the two days to cheer us on. It makes a huge difference having familiar faces in the crowd pulling for you. We have an amazing gym with a great group of people. Looking forward to seeing more people competing in the comps. It’s a great way to experience all Crossfit has to offer and a great way to measure your progress.

  • Rosalind

    Thanks again for pushing me everyday to be better than I was the day before. I am physically and mentally stronger than I have ever been, and I owe it to my trainers and the community at CFIC. I remember coming into my second class and Lorne saying, “I’m surprised you came back.” This of course was after my first WOD, which was as many reps as possible of burpees. When I couldn’t lift my hand to touch my face the next day, I knew that this was the beginning of something great. As i’ve told Blake before, you guys “had me at burpees.” 🙂 I am looking forward to reaching new goals and growing with CFIC! Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow! I know that all of you will be amazing!!!

    • Ginny

      Love your story! It’s amazing how addicted we can be to CFIC. I think people at my work are sick of hearing about it. 🙂

  • Jess

    You guys are so awesome! I seriously love our box and community! I am super impressed with the work you all put in and the results have been INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to see how much progress you all make by the end of the summer! We are definitely going to be a box to compete with next year for the Open. Definitely some kick ass athletes here, each and every one of you! <3 CFIC!!

    Good luck tomorrow Ryan! You are going to destroy the CMC!

    • Mohmed

      What has CrossFit done for me? The list is too long.. Of course there are the diecrt benefits of excellent fitness such as improved body composition, energy levels, and strength. In the three months that I have been at CF702 I have made huge gains in all of those areas. I lost 2.5 inches, gained 10 lbs of muscle, and improved at every exercise including running which I had been training at on my own for months prior to CrossFit. Not only that, it makes exercise fun, competitive, and challenging. 24 Hour Fitness and LVAC have nothing on that.There are many secondary benefits such as assistance with diet, flexibility, posture, and the community. I have friends at the gym and every day we workout we talk about the workouts, the pains, the challenges, the gains, and that generates motivation that you can’t get anywhere else. I have a bad lower back, and these exercises have improved my posture and core strength so much that it has not bothered me since I started! My diet has improved so much that people ask me if I am a chef and come to me for hints about how to cook good healthy dinners. You can improve all of these things many ways, but where can you improve them all in the same place!? CrossFit.My weekend activities have improved as well. I can snowboard for two days without getting tired and getting hurt. I have started hitting the park and I lend it to my improved health and balance. I have started rock climbing, which is something I failed at before because I was just too heavy and weak. I can hike farther, higher, and faster without tiring. Only one thing is missing CrossFit for my dog! She is starting to have trouble keeping up with me when we go hiking now. Jared, you need to figure that out.

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