Friday 8/10/12

 In Workouts

REMINDER: We will be closed on Saturday 8/11/12.  Our weekly free class is going to be held on Sunday at 9am instead of Saturday. 

Happy Birthday Cheef Keef.  I’m sure that we will celebrate hard tomorrow after the Competition. 

Congrats to Tony, Lorne and Cheef for finding out yesterday that they passed their Level 1 Cert last weekend.

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  • cnolan

    happy birthday keith!
    i guess we will be finding out what keith looks like naked this weekend!

  • Sean

    Did you see this dude miss his lift and drop the weight on his head? Granted, I max out at 10% the weight, but at least I haven’t done this. (yet.)

    • Rob

      I saw that. It looked like it hurt. Ugh.

    • Johnna

      I saw it! 432 lbs fell on his neck, then the bar rolled down his legs and he was unable to get out from underneath. Cringe.

    • Jess

      Will never watch that video, I won’t ever want to snatch again!! Eek it was painful just seeing the picture

  • layne

    Congrats guys! And happy birthday Keef! See you guys tomorrow, well be there to cheer you on.

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