Friday, July 19

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Tanks have been ordered and yes we did order extras for anyone who did not comment on the styles we posted earlier!

Here is the tank that everyone seemed to like the best. It’s the NextLevel and this is the color we’re going with.

Next Level Apparel THE TERRY DOLMAN

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  • Jess

    10:01 and we all know this wasn’t rx’d 😛
    *rx’d weight/HSPU down to 1 abmat on floor then about half way through the round of 15 abmat on 10# plate – PR though by 4 minutes!

    • dameka

      HUGE PR Jess…Awesome!

  • Dave R

    5:18 rx’d

    • Ryan

      Well done Dave

  • dameka

    12:01 Totally crushed by Diane today.
    125#/2 Abmat

  • Blake

    Hey guys as you can see tomorrow’s 10am class is full and we have two people wait-listed if you cannot make it in and know this beforehand (this afternoon, tonight, early tomorrow morning) PLEASE remove yourself from the class list so others may join!

  • Rob

    11:52 (weight for DL was RX’dd, 2 then 3 abmats for HSPU)
    Thanks for the extra HSPU instruction after class Blake, I appreciate it. Those HSPU I did after the WOD were the best ones I did all day.

  • Ryan


    Did Dead lifts unbroken. My HSPU are improving but still need some work.

  • Michelle

    90# deadlift
    HSPU with 3 ab mats, except for 15th rep in round of 15 and reps 2-9 in round of 9, which were pike push ups.

    I was disappointed I couldn’t get all the HSPUs, but since I couldn’t even do 1 two weeks ago, I guess 36/45 isn’t too bad.

  • Liz

    Michelle you rocked!

    10:32 90# DL, HSPU 2 abmats and 10plate

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