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We believe that here at CrossFit Iron City we are offering a unique service and program and understand that you want to make sure that CrossFit and CFIC is right for you so with that we offer a Free One-on-One assessment and No Sweat Intro. The goal of this session is to see if we are the right fit and to determine what is the best way for you to get started. We will discuss your personal fitness goals as well as explaining our programs and answering any questions that you may have for us.

How To Choose The CrossFit Box (Aka Gym) That Is Right For You
Before you decide to join a CrossFit gym, or aka “box,” you need to make certain that the box is a True and Real affiliate, ensuring the trainers have completed the necessary levels of Certification. The good news is there are currently over 5,000 affiliates around the world, so it is highly likely you will find one near you! However, not every place that states it is CrossFit is a true affiliate. You want to make sure that the people teaching the CrossFit movements are endorsed by the company, CrossFit. Check the list of affiliates here: if they aren’t on that list they aren’t true CrossFit affiliates and you should beware!
After browsing around the affiliate site and once you’ve narrowed down the boxes you’d like to try, take the time to go out and visit the box. No two affiliates are alike so it is best to take the time to talk with the trainers, talk with the current members, spend the time observing a class and just be in the space and watch – you’ll learn a lot about how the classes are structured and the trainers’ personalities. If a trainer is wearing jean shorts and talking on a cellphone all while demonstrating movements, or outside talking with everyone else in the previous class while his class is snatching it is probably safe to say this box doesn’t put their members as their highest priority. You want to pay attention to how people are being taught, how the work outs (aka WOD’s – work out of the day) and all of the movements are being communicated. Most boxes do not have mirrors (with exception of in the bathrooms), and there most likely will be some rowers and a stationary bike or two but no other machines, your body is the machine and the trainers should be right there coaching you through the WOD and movements so you know your form is correct and you are doing everything right. Decide for yourself if the box you’re looking at is the right environment for you; you’ll know in your gut that you’ve found your fitness “home”!

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