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Hopefully this week our shipment of Nanos will arrive from Reebok if anyone is interested in picking up a pair. 

Also, I am hoping that we will get the proof back from Reebok for the shirts so we will be able to put the order in for those.  What we decided on was two different designs and two t-shirts and a tank top.  Once the proof is a go I will make sure that I order enough of everything so everyone can get what they want. 

Congrats to Frank for getting his first Muscle Up this week and then stringing two together today at Open Gym.  Timbo Slice you are close and will hopefully get yours any day now. 

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  • Swick

    just one round or 3?

    thanks for shout out, good feeling.

    how much will nano’s be?

  • cnolan

    i like the idea of only doing 1 round, . . .

  • Lorne

    Its 3.

    • Swick

      thought so- lol

  • Loaney

    Golf Outing. If anyone is interested in Playing golf on Sunday July 8th please sign up. Papers should be laying on the desk. I will need to make tee times at the end of this week.

  • Ginny

    I love Helen! 14:44, 1 pood, black band. Not a PR on time but I had less band resistance.

  • Tim

    10:28 rx’d(pr)
    also managed to get first MU, took awhile but felt good

  • BA

    13:46 (4 rx’d pu, 8 purple band-each round; 1 pood)

    Significantly better than when I did it on 2/18…green band for all and 20# kb in 11:48. Thanks CFIC! 😉

  • Rosalind

    12:44 rx’d…I did 11:14 the last time we did Helen, but I also used a red band for that one, so I’m pretty pumped overall! Thank you for the training and support! 🙂

  • blake

    the nanos will be around $120. 8:46rx’d PR

  • Keef

    8:44 rx’d – Helen beats the shit outta me

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