Monday 10/15/12

 In Workouts

Congrats to everyone that competed at Fall Brawl on Saturday.  You guys kicked ass and now it is time to get ready for The Open.

The next round of Fundamentals starts tonight.  Call or email if you are interested in getting in.  Don’t miss out.  

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  • Dave F

    The last two heros WODs on the main site look great. Who’s up for a two WOD Tuesday and one of those hero WODs?

  • Johnna

    I’m so excited for deadlifts! I haven’t done them since the beginning of June (@ 185#). I’m pushing for 200# tonight!

  • Dan

    Jason, you look so intense in this picture, but there’s no weight on the bar. Hmmm

  • Tim

    275# DLs
    52 hspu rx’d

  • Ginny

    225 deadlift/ 52 HSPU on 30″

  • Danielle

    Oh man I missed the HSPU~~~ Not so upset about the dead lifts though!!

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