Monday 8/6/12

 In Workouts

Congrats to Tony, Lorne and Cheef for completing their Level 1 Cert in Columbus this weekend at Rogue and Steve for completing his in Denver. 

Reminder that Tomorrow night at 7pm our next Fundamentals will be starting.  Make sure you don’t miss.  Call or email to find out more info. 

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  • cnolan

    19:03 RxD

    I am coming up tonight to get photos for your Fall Brawl profile

  • Jess

    12:55 @ 105#

  • Ryan

    15:31 RX. That mule kicked me.

    Dave & Blake … Hellva job. Impressive

  • Tony Fu

    14:33 rxd. Grip failed me after round 2. Also don’t thing my unhealthy weekend helped my time either.

  • Keef

    11:18 rx’d

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