Monday 3/25/13

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The 5:45am class is cancelled due to weather conditions.  All other classes and fundamentals will continue as scheduled.

Now that we are 3 weeks into the Open I have been really impressed by what everyone has done so far. With that being said I think that everyone needs to keep in mind where they started.   Everyone starts at different points and everyone comes from different backgrounds.  The other day Keith posted a great though and for some reason it got deleted so I wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance read it.  Here is what Keith had to say:

The most important point that he makes here is that the main intention of the clock is to create a data point, or reference, for yourself based on your performance (key words: yourself, your performance). Once you’ve created these references for yourself, that’s where your competition stems from. You are now competing with your previous time, weights, reps etc. However, what most people don’t get is that the only way to get an accurate comparison is to do the workout to the EXACT standards as you did it last time. Going ass to grass on a squat on one rep and then just hitting parallel on the second is NOT the same thing, even though they satisfy the standards. Be consistent with yourself.

One reason why I like the open and other competitions is because you have to complete reps to a standard with a judge watching you as well as many spectators. This is where you’ll see athletes record much lower performances than expected. Basically, these athletes stick out like a boner in sweat pants. No hiding it.

We all just want you to better yourselves on a daily basis. Watch you PR and perform at higher levels. We definitely do not talk amongst ourselves (coach’s) and say how much better one member is than another. We certainly do talk about how much better you have all gotten over the course of a few months, more or less.

I think we have great members at our gym who focus on bettering themselves and the competition between two or more members is nothing more than friendly. But, with some, the competition with yourself to get a better time on a met-con has been obvious that you’re staring at the clock at the top of every short-repped sit up. Worry about the standards (YOUR performance). The times and weights will get better. Trust me!


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  • LJ

    Awesome post Blake/Keef. We all need those reminders once in a while.

    Hoping there isn’t a 2 hour delay. This wod looks killer.

  • Michelle

    Thanks Blake and Keith. I needed to hear this.

  • Andy

    I thought I remembered reading something like that. Good stuff, Keith.

    Looks like a fun WOD, but not with a bum wheel 🙁

  • Ryan

    I forgot to look at my time but it was 17 something.
    That work out crushed me. I don’t think I chose a good warm up prep to fit this workout. User error..

    Ohio got his first muscle up tonight. Big shot out to him… Way to go

  • Suzy

    17:36…ish. rx’d. Definitely need to get my lower back into better condition

  • Ohio

    21:03 rx’d. those deadlifts were rough come that last round.

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