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Thank you Chris Nolan for capturing how awesome the CFIC community is.  

Who is ready for the Garage Games on June 2nd?


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  • Dan B

    Great weekend with CFIC. Roz and I are going to continue to train in Punta Cana and get ready to invade the Garage Games.

    • Amani

      Awesome work on the DU’s Ryan!FS- 115-135-155-185-205(2-1-1-1)Really wanted all 5 of the 205 sDU’s- 443High round=53Low Round=36After round 4 I reazlied if I just went for sets of 10 with 3-4s rest between I could be much more consistent.

  • cnolan

    almost all of my photos that include the crowd is littered with Crossfit Iron City peeps cheering people on, a very awesome thing to see, a great group of people at the box, . . . now time to cut some weight, i have 6-12 HSPU to get in a couple of weeks!

  • Danielle

    It was so great having everyone there on saturday! huge thank you again to everyone who came out to support! It helped make my first competition a great experience. I won’t be at the garage games but I’m looking forward to superfit in august!!!!

    • Viktorie

      100-100-100/4+3 (w/80#)This is with dumbells. Can you guys post a scale for torromow’s WOD that only uses either body weight or dumbells? Its all I’ve got a the hotel gym, max 50# dumbells. Thanks, Roger.

  • layne

    155- 90 PR- 255 PR = 500 PR
    Make idiot of self by running face first into bar- big PR

  • Jess

    AMAZING job by everyone tonight! Big PR’s in EVERY class! You guys are getting serious in here and I love it. I am not kidding when I say by the end of the summer you all are going to be beasts! Cannot wait to watch you all perform in June at the Garage Games! =)

    5000m Row – 23:40
    1 mile run – 6:10
    Definitely needed that tonight my body feels 1000 times better!!

  • Keef

    It’s finally great to see so many people come into the gym on a strength day. Everyone improved so much. Being strong is important. Don’t skip out on these days for no good reason.. Awesome job to by everyone!

  • ryan

    looked through my logs and I apparently this is my first whack at this, at least recored.

    275lbs Back Squat
    145 Press (PR)
    315lbs Dead Lift


    room for improvement in my DL and back squat.

  • Lorne

    310# PR-155#-455#PR
    total 920#

  • Tony Fu

    Total: BS-365, SP-155, DL-385-905. First time going heavy for 1 rep in awhile, so happy.

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  • Ginny

    170# BS PR, 95# SP PR, 275 DL = 540. First Crossfit Total. Not bad.

  • Tim

    Squat – 245
    Press – 135 (pr)
    DL – 335 (pr)
    Total – 715 (pr)

    • Kakashi

      Dave, please ask Sam to proof your work. He might ncitoe that you sometimes (okay, often) forget to remove items from the previous day’s entry. I’m copying the following as proof so that when you remove it you can’t say I was imagining things. Hugs!For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of Max Rep Pushups on the rings. Scale pushups as necessary (parallettes, floor, etc). These should be true “max effort” sets. Do not leave anything in the tank.For the conditioning workout, scale the HPC as necessary. Shuttle runs as follows: Ex: 100m shuttle = Sprint 100m down and back, then 75m down and back, then 50m down and back, then 25m down and back. 75m shuttle = 75, then 50, then 25. Etc

  • Cara

    Back Squat: 125
    Press 65
    Deadlift: 160
    350 total
    All PR’s. Between that and watching all the elite people and their mesmerizing double-unders on Saturday, I am stepping up my game. I’m even showing up to RUN tonight. Holy moly.

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