Monday 9/10/12

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If there is something that you feel you could use help with and you don’t want to wait until Sunday at Open Gym we have just discounted our 1 on 1 training for members.  Check out the prices section of the website if you’re interested. 


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  • Ginny

    15:40, (Scales: knee ring PU, box HSPU)

  • Tim

    13:33 rxd
    hspu took 2:30

  • Danielle

    Ok this is second to do on my list after fran when I’m 100% recovered! man i love HSPU haha 🙂 good luck everyone! It was so nice seeing everybody yesterday. Thanks to everyone for all the congrats!!! Can’t wait to be back in full cross fit mode =)

    • layne

      danielle, ill do the one from the other day again with you, too.. (the hspu, double unders and run) I need to get those runs done more quickly and ill have you to chase! after we get our shiny new jump ropes and youre able to do them, of couse!

  • dameka

    Those ring PUs were tough!!!

  • blake

    13:32 rx’d. The HSPU took me almost 5 minutes to get through. Might be time to go have a doctor check it out.

  • Tony Fu

    11:34, Strict press @95# of HSPU

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