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Yesterday was probably one of the best moments for me as a CrossFit coach.  Not only because of where our teams finished, but because of the fact that we invaded R.A.W. yesterday with the majority of our members.  Everywhere I looked there was a familiar face or a CFIC shirt.  When people ask me what is the thing that I like best about CrossFit I always tell them that the community aspect was what hooked me.  Yesterday you all showed the rest of the local CrossFit community that we have an awesome community and for that I am extremely grateful. 

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  • layne

    You guys were all so awesome and inspiring yesterday! I’m so so glad I decided to come to cfic to “try it” for a month. Haha I’m def hooked now, and its for sure bc of the coaches and community! Yesterday was a great first competition for me to see and now I am super pumped for garage games!

    • Salim

      Richard I m posting as often as pobssile with limited internet access. Today and yesterday were completely shot but I’ve sent wods to my friends in the states so that they can post. I alternate rest/work days don’t want people to get into any kind of rhythm.Rob O

  • Tim

    Worked on muscle up, def getting closer but still couldnt get one.

    Calorie Row
    KB 1.5pd

    7:42 rx’d
    good quick smoker of a workout

    • Mhadji

      I hav a question;I went vegan and lost 60lbs and my body pltaaeu’ed after that, I haven’t gain any weight back but I haven’t loss any more weight either I lost the 60lbs after 1yr of being vegan and I’ve been vegan for 1 1/2yrs so the past 6mos. I havent lost anything(do u know why?)

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