Sunday 8/12/12

 In Workouts

Congratulations to all of our teams and individuals that competed yesterday at the Summer Showdown.  You did great.  Also, congrats to Amanda for making it to the final WOD and then PRing on Grace to top it off. 

9am – Free WOD

10-12:30 Open Gym

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  • Steve

    Great job Amanda!

  • Ryan

    Congrats amanda!

    Did the “Dirty 30” workout.

    30 DU’s to start each movements
    30 reps of each movement
    – hang power cleans
    – jerks
    – power snatches
    – shrugs
    – dead lifts
    – 1.5 kb swings
    – 1.5 kb snatches
    – sit ups
    – front squats
    – thrusters
    – stricr toes to bar

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