Thursday 10/11/12

 In Workouts

Anyone competing at Fall Brawl on Saturday you should be resting today or tomorrow and doing active recovery the other day this week. 

If you are planning on coming to the “Fight for Mike” fundraiser on Sunday at 11 you do not need to register on the Fight for Mike page.  Instead we are going to try to raise whatever money we can and then send it down

We will be closed on Saturday for Fall Brawl.  Our weekly FREE WOD will be held on Sunday at 9am.  As always everyone is welcome. 

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  • Tim

    worked to 175# on jerk from front
    10+3 rx’d

  • Blake

    13+12 RX’d UB. Got 185# up on the rack jerk. For some reason I felt all out of sorts yesterday going from behind the neck

  • Brian

    1st time doing any type of jerk instead of being called one. Felt good until I started getting tired in the AMRAP then felt like I was going to fold in half backwards!

  • Ginny

    135 jerk, 8+3, green band

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