Thursday 8/9/12

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Attention: Anyone competing in the Summer Showdown on Saturday we have a separate WOD for you for today if you want to come in and do some active recovery.

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  • Danielle

    I went to la fitness for the only thing they are good for—the rower and it was BROKE. fail. I ended up doing 4 rounds of 400m run 10 push ups and 15 air squats. trying to break up the soreness for saturday =)

    • Dan

      D, I went to LA Fitness on Sunday and it sucked. I tried to do some cleans and pull ups but people just looked at me like i was crazy. And I couldnt drop the weights so that was a fail.

      Nothing like CFIC

  • Jwags

    Good luck to all of you competing on sat!!!!!! The girls and I will there cheering you all on. You don’t know how much you love something until it is gone, hope to be back by the end of next week. Miss you guys!!! Did the new shirts come so we can wear them for sat?

    • Dave F

      Thanks Jen!

    • Jess

      Thanks Jen! We miss you too. Hope you had a great vacation!

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