Thursday 2-9-12

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Congrats Tim G on getting your first pullup yesterday.  Everyone else that came close yesterday keep practicing and you will get them in no time.

Handstand pushups are a difficult movement and there are many scales for it.  In this video Jeff Tucker, CrossFit Gymanstics instructor, goes over how you can scale it using the bands.

After yesterday’s WOD I wanted to take a minute and answer a question that over the past few years I have heard time and again: “Is that it?”.  Usually people ask that about workouts like yesterdays or ones that consist of “only” doing a lift.  My answer to that question has and always will be the same.  You should be pushing yourself hard enough that by the end you have absolutely nothing left.

After yesterday’s workout I knew that you had all busted your asses because after everyone was pretty much just wandering aimlessly for a few minutes and that’s exactly what you should feel like.  Everybody loves to come to the box whenever the workout is a hero or girl named WOD because those are the “sexy” workouts.  Those are the WODs that are showcased on ESPN and those are that workouts that all the articles have been written about.  But without the single modality days where you “only” lift, run, row, etc those “sexy” WODs will always be a grind and you will see your wind or your strength fail you at some point during them.

In CrossFit you don’t have to be working for very long or doing hundreds of reps to feel the effects and see the benefits.  For example, if you doing 5 sets of 3 back squats or deadlifts correctly you will need time to recover because of the stress that you just put your body through.  So next time you think about skipping one of these days remember that in the end you will be a better athlete for showing up and doing the work.

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