Thursday, 5/23/13

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A.  Front squat: 5, 3, 5, 3, 1 @ 20X1 tempo; 2min rests
B1.  Body weight Bulgarian split squat: 3 x 15/leg @ 20X0 tempo; 30sec rests btwn legs/1min btwn sets
B2.  Ring holds: 3 x 20sec; 1min rests
C.  Instructed mobility
The rep scheme for A is a wave loading method.  We want you to increase your weight from the set of 5 to the set of 3 on the first wave.  On the second wave, try to increase your weight from the first set of 5 to the second set of 5 and likewise with the set of 3.  Then go for a tough single.  For example, 225 x 5/245 x 3/235 x 5/255 x 3/275 x 1.  Dunzo!  Remember, if you fail at a certain weight, there is no point to increase the weight yet.
A Bulgarian split squat is a one legged squat, like a lunge, but with the rear foot elevated on a box at just below knee height.  Walk your self 3 foot lengths away from the box, put one foot back on the top of the box and that is your set up.  Squat down until the rear knee touches the ground and come back up, maintaining proper squatting mechanics.  Here is a demo video with dumbbells.  We are just doing body weight:
For the ring holds, hold yourself at the top of a perfect ring dip.  Try to maintain shoulder external rotation (i.e. palms facing forward) and a hollow body position.  If you cannot hold for the whole 20 seconds, try to accumulate 20 seconds with only one break.  Otherwise, scale the time frame.
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    Legs felt a little shaky after the 100 squats we did last night but I really liked this WOD!

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      Bummed I missed you this morning. I miss my mornings!!! Looking forward to this one tonight, and back to the AM Crew tomorrow.

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    95 – 105 – 100 – 110 (2) – 115

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