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KB Swing

This weekend our schedule is going to be slightly different due to the Patriot Games at R.A.W. on Saturday.  We will be closed on Saturday and we will be moving the free class to Sunday at 9am.  After the 9am WOD we will have our regularly scheduled Open Gym. 

The price for the Patriot Games this weekend for anyone competing is $38/ person. 

If you ordered Progenex it should be in next week.  The price breakdown is $54 for Recovery and $63 for More Muscle

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  • Keef

    YES!! HELEN!!! I’m not doing it….but you all are….and its going to be gorious!

  • Ginny

    Helen and I have a special relationship. This was my first WOD ever three months ago- 18:46. Today, I was 4:31minutes faster at 14:15. So proud of myself and feel privileged to be part of CFIC.

  • Jonathan

    Great job, Ginny! Inspiring!

    22:31 Black Band (did 21 pull ups on my first set, doh!)

  • Jess

    Great job Ginny!! That is so awesome, HUGE PR!!

  • Danielle

    Great work Ginny!!!! Yay:):):). Keef, your post is just mean:)

  • cnolan

    crazy woman Ginny, killing it again!!!

    17:29 RxD – is been two years, but is was the 1st time doing it RxD

    • Sefa

      Got a new 3 rep PR for the OHS 125. Failed a couple times at 130.14:33 for Helen bunred a ton of time on pull ups, scaled to a single blue band (that’s progress). Was doing negatives by the end of the final set.

  • Tim

    10:59 rxd
    Definitely should be a sub 10 wod just not today, next time. Much needed rest day tomorrow

  • Jason

    10:38… Rx’d first time with Helen. I am sure we will meet again.

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