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All 5:45 ers.  Jess is going to be teaching class this morning because we slept in and we’re running late.  She is on her way and will be there shortly

Two Days left until we invade Erie for the Great Lakes Challenge.  There are a group of us that are planning on renting a large SUV/ van and heading up after class on Friday night, spending Friday night in Erie and then coming home on Saturday after the competition.  If anyone is interested please post before class tonight so I can make arrangements for the rental. 

We are also trying to figure out where we are going to stay so please check out yesterday’s blog for the hotel info and let me know where you would rather stay. 


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  • cnolan

    I have a fully PAID for slot in the Rx division that is someone wants to use, they can, I just need to know soon so I can tell them who is filling my slot

  • cnolan

    looks like monica is going to take the spot

  • Dan

    I’m in for Friday trip to Erie.

  • layne

    I would like whatever hotel is cheaper so long as they are both respectable. (hard wood floors at red roof hahahha).
    We (Jared and I) will most likely not be jumping in the van. we will prob just meet you guys at the hotel tomorrow night. I will talk to you guys at the box today at 5.
    Jess – I am absolutely still in for yoga!!
    I wanna do this wod another time though…. I feel like i havent done DU’s in forever. and i just love presses, but after yesterday I want to rest up my shoulders for saturday!~

  • Ryan

    My final plan is to drive up Saturday morning & I wont make it in tonight for HotYoga.
    Big Let down!

    See you guys in Erie Saturday. Also, anyone have a spare Medium CFIC shirt that I can borrow let me know. Want to represent, IM pretty sure they are sold out.

  • Tim

    12:16 rx’d

    Congrats Blake and Jess, 1 ring2finger as rx’d!!!

  • Tony Fu

    10:23 rxd

  • cnolan

    16:01 RxD

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