Tuesday 10/9/12

 In Workouts

Reminder that we will be closed this Saturday 10/13/12 to head over to R.A.W. Training to support our athletes that are competing.  Our weekly free class will be held on Sunday at 9am.

Also Remember that we will be doing the “Fight for Mike” Fundraiser WOD on Sunday at 11am.  All are welcome.   

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  • Sean

    Krista and I are having people over to watch the Stillers on Thursday night. I think she’s planning a variety of food options, ranging from paleo friendly (pulled pork) to not so paleo friendly (“better than sex” pumpkin cake, which is both the acutal name and an accurate description). Let me know if anyone plans on coming, so we can make enough grub.

    The Rogans’ Spirit of Suburbia is located at 836 Wellington Dr, Seven Fields 16046

    • Jess

      Blake and I will be there!

  • ryan

    Sean/Krista this is awesome and the CAKE sounds amazing. Thursday I can’t swing this week but wanted to say thanks for the invite.

    • Krista

      Sure thing, Ryan. Maybe next time!

  • Tony Fu

    10:59 rxd

  • blake

    8:51 rx’d UB. Possibly a PR by a few seconds

  • Ryan

    9:59 Rx’d
    all unbroken but last 4 PU’s

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