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Nanos are in stock.  Early bird special for all members that pick up a pair within the next 7 days. 

Everyone killed Helen yesterday.  Saw a lot of hard work pay off with a bunch of PRs and some definite improvement since the last time we did it. 

Timbo Slice got the Muscle Up.  Who’s next?


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  • Swick

    Good Job Timbo, what a great feeling huh?

    This morning was a gut checker, pretty close to losing my breakfast.

    14:21 rxd

  • Ginny

    This WOD was brutal for me. 32:02.

  • Jess

    21:08 Rx’d

    I definitely need to learn the kip better on the ring dips. They took me around 12 minutes to do all 45!!!! Eek!

  • John (LJ)

    Congrats Tim! Welcome to the club. 🙂

  • Tim

    21:11 r x’d ring dips were awful, cleans just heavy
    thanks for for the s/o

  • Keef

    9:47 rx’d – kept my shirt on the whole time

  • cnolan

    this sucked the big one, . . . those 45×135# sqt cleans were painful! I did push-ups instead of banded ring dips – 20:15 – if i had done ring dips you probably could tack on another 5 or so minutes

  • blake

    10:57 rx’d. I really like this WOD but my legs gave out pretty quickly.

  • Johnna

    I wish I could “like” Keef’s comment, lol.

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