Tuesday 2/26/13

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We would like to congratulate Roz on winning the free t-shirt for filling out the survey.

Reminder:  the Open is just around the corner and you should all think about signing up.

This is a picture off Elizabeth Akinwale (a2 times games competitor) and this is her opinion of whether someone should sign up for the Open:

My plea to CrossFitters who are on the fence about signing up for the Open: Do it! This is me, #CrossFit Games Open 11.1, snatches and double unders. Less than 3 months into CrossFit, terrible at double unders and as evidenced by this picture I didn’t even know how to set up for a snatch. Do it even if you think you’re not ready! You will be challenged. You will improve. You will grow from the experience.

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  • Keef

    And now, 2 years later, she’s qualified for a couple Olympic lifting competitions as a top seed in the nation and has just joined MDUSA’s weightlifting team. BAMF!

  • Dave Robinson

    11:34 Thanks to Jackson for pushing me to the limit!!

  • dameka

    Biggest 5:45am class I’ve ever seen today. Awesome job everyone!

    Jwags – We are going to rename you Jane. Kill in’ it with all those Tarzan pullups!

    Finally climbed the rope…and then did it 10 more times 🙂

    • jwags

      Fun group and WOD!!! Nice job everyone.

      • Andrea

        love the morning crew!! y’all rock!! jwags AKA Hulk 😉

  • Sean

    18:24 Rxd. 55 front squats with a bar weighing more than I do were brutal for a little man, ha.

  • Rosalind

    Yay! I never win anything, so I’m pretty pumped! I’ll be there tomorrow night! Thank you!!

  • Ryan

    11:15 rx

  • Jess

    12:18 – subbed tarzan pull-ups for rope climbs (my injured thumb doesn’t allow me to hold onto the rope =( ) rx’d front squats

  • Blake

    11:29rx’d. Front Squats were unbroken. A little bit of a backup on the ropes, but I can’t say that I was too upset about that.

  • Suzy

    13:50ish-something RX’d. Even with high socks, my shin is raw, not awesome.

  • Ohio

    13:56 Rx’d

  • Ginny

    18:13, 95#, tarzans with band except last two round were scaled rope climbs

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