Tuesday 3/26/13

 In Workouts

Great work to everyone that made it into the gym yesterday and congrats to Ohio for getting his first and second muscle up. 


In your warmup from now until you are proficient at whatever it is you need to put at least one of your goal movements into your warmup.  It is no surprise that the people that work on their goals attain them and the people that don’t are still hoping for it to happen it.


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  • Keef

    Love the pain face Sarah! But that’s a personal face….keep it hidden!

  • Kodi Phillips

    Congrats Jeff! You should’ve seen the look on your face when you got to the top of the rings, it was priceless!!

  • Ohio

    Blake, what is the schedule going to be like for Good Friday? Are you going to be on normal schedule or going to just run 1 large class?

    • dameka

      Awesome job Ohio on the MU!!!! Congratulations.

      No one asked but Friday is business as usual for me, if there is a 5:45AM, I’ll be there.

  • Jason

    Another Question for this weekend. For those of us whom will not make the Thursday night class when will we be able to make up 13.4. Saturday? Sunday? I know Sunday is Easter which brings up another question. Oly Class are we on for Sunday or rescheduling?

    Friday is also business as usual for me so if there are night classes I plan to be there.

  • Jess

    Friday is scheduled as usual. Not open on Sunday, if you plan to do or redo 13.4 there will be slots available for Saturday. Blake will post more info on that. Also, the Oly Lifting clinic is Saturday at the times it would run on Sunday.

    140/145(1 jerk)
    Back Squats 165/165/170 – should have done all at 170 or 175

  • Suzy

    Is there gonna be a make up for the oly class?

    155 C&J / 180 Backsquat

    • Jess

      Unfortunately there is not going to be a make-up session

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