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This Saturday (May 26th) after the WOD we are planning on having a cook-out for Memorial Day weekend. We will be grilling burgers and brats and Jess is planning on slow-roasting some ribs that we can throw on the grill as well. We will also have beer/liquor and various other sides. If you are planning on being here please post to comments so we know how much food to make. Also if there is anything that you want to bring definitely let Jess or I know so we can make sure we don’t have a over-abundance of one or two items (but do not feel that you are obligated to do so!) Hope you all can stick around and hang out for a while



Major Jerry Dwayne Patton, 40, died on 15 October 2008 during High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) training while assigned to Army USSOCOM preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.

Jerry is survived by his wife Molly and his sons Chad, Cody, Chase and Connor.


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  • Ginny

    32:19. This was a good workout for the morning and good after all the lifting yesterday.

  • Steve


  • Jen Knight

    I haatteee running so good thing were working n it!

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  • Dan

    Road WOD for Roz and I
    Dan 4:08
    Roz 5:10

  • Keef

    For everyone coming in today to do this, (we’ll remind everyone about this again in class)… do not use the 1st mile run as your warm up run for the workout. Go into the workout with an elevated heart rate. You should be loose and sweating before you even start. Do the warm up Blake has posted and do more if you have to.

  • Jess

    Did last Friday’s WOD since I did that 5000m row and run yesterday

    11:27 not rx’d
    -HSPU were done with hands on 2 25# plates and the ab mat on a 10# plate
    -HSPU are my nemesis!! =|

  • Ryan

    23:48 rx

    rest day needed, whooped. See you guys Thursday

    • Gerald

      she’s great.From what I can tell (I’ve been to three CF gyms) You guys really give a damn and put 100% into your job. Whether it woirnkg with someone doing a kipping pull up in life or training along side potential games competitors, it obvious that you guys see every coaching opportunity worthy of your best efforts. Time and time again, be it open gym, WOD or PH, you guys take it seriously and want people to be doing the movement right, and safe and the most beneficial.Honestly I covet a work environment where 100% the people woirnkg there and 100% of the people spending money there WANT to be there and work hard while they’re there. Nursing just aint like that.What do you guys do best? Well I see results: in my self through Power Hour, finally getting my hot wife to sign up and come in on a regular basis. One day I went to an unnamed CF gym in Las Vegas as I was new to the area and was searching for a good CF to go to. DIdn’t feel like the individuals who were running/coaching the place paid attention to detail or hitting the finer points of movements. Be it a communication problem, or knowledge problem I don’t know.Damn, this is a FRAT

  • Danielle

    25:23 Rx( I think on the seconds). Great wod!

  • Tony Fu

    Did Chief with Lorne at 4pm – 367 reps. Then Jerry at 5pm (maybe should have taken a little more rest) – 26:33 rxd. That second mile was horrible and my legs still won’t talk to me.

  • Lorne

    I love running WODS!

    • Ryan


  • Pow!

    29:45! All I wanted was sub-30, so I’m tickled.

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