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Cold War Snatch

Cold War Snatch

Great work yesterday everyone.

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  • Swick

    165(Power Snatch PR) (second time tryign to snatch)
    27 Total Reps(Squat Snatch) @ 115# for the WOD.

    Now that I got the mechanics of a squat snatch i think i could do the rxd weight.

  • Jason Loaney

    Inova 8 Shoes… 195 Lite (size 10 & 9.5) and 230 (Black) size 10

    I am sure that most of you have noticed the Shoes that are on the counter at the gym. If you are interested in them you will have to make a decision soon. I will be sending them back on Friday. I am not trying to make any money on these, found them cheap online. I figured that I would see if anyone else wanted them before I shipped them back.

    • John (LJ)

      Jason, I’ll check them out when I get there today.

  • Jason Loaney

    I have the 9.5 at my house they are the same as the 195 Lites that are there just a half size smaller… If anyone wants that size let me know.

  • Jared

    215# snatch (PR by 30#), 39 reps RX’d on WOD

  • Danielle

    95# 1rm. 26 at 75# wod. Thanks to everyone for all te help on my form. I will get that 100# next time if it kills me!!! Also thanks to keef and Suzy for helping me progress on my butterfly. Everyday I find more reasons to love CFIC 🙂

  • cnolan

    Jared is a manBeast!

    135# failed at 145# twice
    115# on WOD

  • Keef

    30# PR huh? somebody improved they’re technique haha. That’s strong work Jared. Awesome work today everyone!!

  • Tim

    135# for single missed 145# multiple times but close
    think i went 13+7+4=34 at 115# for wod but cant remember exact numbers

  • Cara

    34 at 35#. Thanks Keef for helping me get my form!

  • Sarah

    110# for single (pr)
    32 @ #85

    enjoyed that wod alot!

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