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Anyone that is interested in competing at the Summer Showdown on the Southside make sure you sign up ASAP because it is rapidly filling up.  If you are considering doing the individual competition Chris has an extra spot for sale that he no longer needs. 

The second part of class today you will have 30 minutes to work on Muscle Ups, HSPU, Rope Climbs, Pullups and Dips.  Pick one or a few that you need to work on and we will help you with your form. 

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  • Dan

    Team Knight/Bauer is signed up and ready to rock.

    • Ryan


  • Tim

    Snatch balance – 150#(pr)
    Worked on muscle up after, came close but still not quite

  • Tony Fu

    195# – SB; worked snatch and handstands after

  • Swick

    155# x 3
    Worked on HSPU (kipping and reg) and Muscle-Up (still no luck)

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