Wednesday 7/18/12

 In Workouts

The final order for the T-shirts was placed yesterday.  Because of inventory issues the color of the Athlete shirt had to be changed to Kelly Green.  If the color change is something that makes you not want the shirt anymore I completely understand. 

If you ordered the shorts please get me the money for them by Friday. 


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  • Jess


    Did this yesterday after the jerks since I didn’t do the snatch WOD.

  • Danielle

    115/125/145/155/165 (165# is my “current” 1RM weight)

  • Dave K

    Coach, was there another class added in the morning during summer?

    • Jess


      We have a 545a, 7a, 9a and a noon for the summer. After Labor Day the 9a and the noon won’t be occurring until next summer but we are going to keep the 7a permanently on the schedule.

  • Mike

    Blake, I have 1 large and 3 medium size dry eraser boards for the gym. I’ll bring them tomorrow at the 7am class.

  • Tim

    Squats – 185-205-215-220(PR)-195
    squat still needs to be higher but happy with pr

    Monday’s workout – 19:35 rx’d

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