Wednesday 1/9/13

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The clean eating challenge WOD will be at 10 am on Saturday morning.  If you are planning on coming in and doing it please be here and ready to go 10:15.  I want to give everyone as much time as possible to get through it.  Also, this time the challenge will end on April 14th.



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  • Kodi Phillips

    I don’t see how you guys expect me to make it through tax season without alcohol and sugar… This is going to test me or be really expensive.

  • Michele

    Hey, I can’t do the 10 a.m. WOD because I work at noon, but I will be there at 9 a.m. Is there a different time I can come in and do it, so that I have the time for the final?

  • Ginny

    9:20.7 Would have been faster, but I had to get off to the rower, compose myself and get back on. Guess I need to add “a week of no puking” back to my list of goals. 🙁

  • dameka

    9:03.3 (NO PR)
    I needed sweaty Tony, rowing away beside me and some aggressive rap music to hit it! Next time 🙂

  • Rob

    7:49.8 (PR)

  • Ohio

    7:43 – Cashout Completed with 1 POOD KB

  • blake

    7:12.3. Not a PR, but I could not pull any harder after the deadlifts

  • sarah

    8:51 not a PR , not even close, cashed out with 1 pood kb

  • layne

    8:18… not a PR… and i genuinely just dont understand turkish getups. 🙁 thanks for attempting to help me, keith.

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