Wednesday 2/27/13

 In Workouts

We have a large amount of items that people have been leaving on the shelves, t-shirts, shoes, shaker cups, bags, etc…if you DO NOT claim these items by Friday they will be thrown out. It is getting very cluttered in here and we need to make sure there is enough space for members to put their gym items/bags when they come in. Also, please try and take everything with you that you bring into the gym daily when you leave (unless you’ve discussed it with Blake and he has given you the ok to leave it here). Thanks!


The End of the Month is upon us.  Please see myself or Jess to make your March payments.

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  • dameka

    5+15 (55# PP)

  • Kasey

    6 (55# PP) – Good work this morning everyone!

  • Ohio

    Dec. 19th – 5 Rounds + 23 Reps (Rx’d)
    Today – 6 Rounds + 32 Reps (Rx’d)
    (PR by 45 total Reps)

    • Ryan

      Huge PR! Nice work

    • dameka

      Nice job Ohio and thanks for the date reference! Looking back I had a 24 REP PR yesterday myself. Not quite as stellar as yours, but a 3rd PR for the week…YEAH!

  • Tony Fu

    Good work OHIO

  • Dave Robinson

    7 + 31 rx’d and PR. Last time was 6 + 15

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