Wednesday 2/6/13

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February Payments are Due!

If you did not receive my email the other day please email me to make sure that I have the correct email address from here on out. 

Check out the video demo from the main site for this workout.  If you need to scale the handstand pushups I want you to scale it the way that they demo it in the video.

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  • dameka

    Hey Everyone-

    If you are planning to attend the Sadie Hawkins event at RAW on Friday, I wanted to let you know I made reservations for 15-20 at Marks North Park Lounge on Babcock for 10PM. If you did not respond to the FB post and plan to attend, please let me know so that I can confirm the headcount.

    Sorry I missed this Chipper this morning, looks like a good one!

    • Keef

      I’ll be joining!

  • Steve

    I will also be there

  • POW!

    I think I responded to the facebook post (as I tend to get pretty excited about opportunities to buy/consume tequila) but just in case….I’M IN!
    And I’m not sorry I missed the chipper today…I’m in serious hand care mode until Friday.

  • Suzy

    17:40 rx

  • Tracey

    Thanks for letting us crash the party early morning. You guys were great! 🙂

  • Jared


  • Rob

    19:56 (scaled the HSPU, RX everything else). Blah to those 70 burpees at the end.

  • Amanda

    I might be in!

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