Wednesday 5/1/13

 In Workouts

May Payments are Due!

Anyone that is running the Marathon or the Half Marathon should consider having today be there last full WOD of the week.  Tomorrow should be an easy day Friday work mobility and then Saturday you should be resting to prepare your body for the run.

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  • Dave Robinson

    15:42 rx’d

  • jwags

    12:23 (65#, could have gone a little heavier)

  • Ryan

    11:02 RXd unbroken

    • Steve

      That’s some quick running bud, I did it in 12:15 and my squats were unbroken too!

  • Suzy

    11:26 RX’d unbroken OHS

    • Keef

      by signifying you had unbroken OHS, does that indicate that you broke up the run?

  • Rob

    13:53 @ 95#
    Blake was right, probably could have gone heavier but it was good practice on better OHS technique.

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