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Amazing work by everyone yesterday.  For most of you that was the first time that you did that you did it.  For the few of you that were with us the first time that we did it back in January you guys really have been kicking it in the ass and are all making amazing progress. 


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  • Tim

    PS – 125# (pr)
    Metcon – 18:07 rxd last 3 rounds of snatches were rough

  • Steve

    135# PS
    15:47 rxd wod

    I made the mistake of going way too fast at the beginning. 75 lbs catches up to you when you’re doing 105 reps.

  • Jess

    95# power snatch (pr)
    13:48 Rx’d

  • Keef

    150# pwr sn (PR)
    10:59 rx’d – for future reference, I may have done 8 rounds.

  • Keef

    Did Collin take a rest day?? Don’t know if that’s in his vocabulary or not.

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